Mixed Media Sculpture Commission
Photos by the artist, Krisztianna
This is a mixed media wall hanging sculpture.  These types of pieces I call my "Muertitas". Each is unique. Winternight's head and neck are resin cast and her horns were sculpted from wire, foil, paper mache, and paper clay.

Materials include: Resin cast head and neck and resin lotus flower with silver foil. Other materials include epoxy glue, hot glue, wood glue, wires, air-dry paper clay, foam filler for inner structures, epoxy clay, acrylic paint, and UV sealant spray in several layers. Flowers and leaves included are either real and dried, made of silk, synthetics, cotton, or plastics. Beads are acrylic, plastic, and glass. 

Size: 25" wide x 22" tall x 15" deep

Wallpaper art of this piece is available for my $5 and up Patrons at this post.

Here are some selections from a year and a half long process. My "Behind The Scenes" Patrons at my Patreon were part of the step by step process. For more information about my general process you can visit my FAQ at my website.
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