Original Digital Painting Commission

Warm Greetings!

Thank you for considering a commission of an original digital painting. I'm thrilled at the possibility of creating a unique piece of art just for you.

To begin this creative journey:

  1. Email Inquiry: Kindly send an email to bringontheart@gmail.com sharing any details you feel are important for the artwork. What subject matter are you envisioning? Do you have references from my past work that resonate with your vision? Any specific requests or a captivating story behind the artwork? Most importantly, let me know your desired timeframe and the preferred size of the painting.

  2. Collaborative Process: I will promptly respond and may ask further questions for additional clarity. If we align on the envisioned artwork and the timeline, we can proceed together.

  3. Confirmation and Deposit: Once we agree on the concept, I will provide you with a secure payment link for a 50% deposit, which can be conveniently paid via credit card, debit card, installments, or Paypal.

  4. Sketch and Revisions: I will commence with a preliminary sketch of the artwork. Timelines vary based on the painting's size. Smaller pieces can be sketched within a week, while larger ones may take a bit longer. This stage allows for revisions and adjustments to ensure the vision comes to life. During this phase, refunds are possible, minus a 3% transaction fee.

  5. Digital Painting Process: Upon approval of the sketch, I will digitally craft the painting. Once completed, I will share a watermarked image with you for final review. While you can request revisions, please note that limitations exist due to the nature of final composition and time.

  6. Finalization and Digital File: Upon your approval of the final piece, I will provide you with a download link. This link includes the digital file in a small jpg format for easy sharing and viewing, a full-size PNG, a large original size .tiff, and .pdf file, all in RGB format. These files are for your personal sharing, saving, and printing.


Pricing Details for Digital Flat Files (No Layers, Digital Signature Included):

  • Small Digital Painting  (8.5" x 11") at 300 dpi : $100 
  • Medium Digital Painting (11" x 17") at 300 dpi $250
  • For larger sizes, pricing can be discussed based on the size and level of detail.

Copyright and Usage Terms: Upon full payment for the commissioned artwork, you have the privilege to get a tattoo of the piece for personal use. Additionally, you may print as many copies and sizes as you like for personal use. Your contacts may also get matching tattoos, provided they obtain the artwork from you. However, if you're a tattoo artist, kindly refrain from using this artwork for your client services. Please note that selling, sharing, or distributing printouts, buttons, or stickers of the digital or printed file in any form for sale is strictly prohibited.

I, as the artist, retain all rights to the image, encompassing reproduction, distribution, and public display. The artwork cannot be used to create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), AI-generated art, or any digital downloads without my explicit written consent.

Social Media Sharing: Feel free to share the commissioned artwork on your personal social media platforms. Your support means the world to me! Kindly credit me as the artist with a simple tag or mention (@Krisztianna). Your enthusiasm and encouragement inspire me to keep creating art that resonates.

Thank you for entrusting me with your vision. I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to bring your imagination to life on digital canvas.

Warm regards,


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    Art And Shop Update

    Discover a fresh art experience with our revamped website—bringing together creativity, convenience, and global accessibility

    Art And Shop Update

    Discover a fresh art experience with our revamped website—bringing together creativity, convenience, and global accessibility

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