All Ages Coloring book
With Arty™ is a brand I am creating to merge my love of art and learning for all ages.
“Greetings from our Mer-Kingdom, which you call the ocean! Mermaids, Mermen, Merkids, Sea Witches and Sea Warlocks, all of us have worked together to bring you this coloring book. We may be beings of fantasy, but the ocean is very real, very big, and very important..." –The Subjects of Mer-Kingdom.
Not only are there merpeople to color, but all kinds of marine life as well! The list of who you will meet goes as follows: barracuda, coral, cuttlefish, dolphin, hammerhead shark, humpback whale, jellyfish, kelp, killer whale, lobster, manta ray, moray eel, narwhal, nudibranch, octopus, oyster, sailfish, sea anemone, seahorse, sea turtle, squid, starfish, sunfish, and swordfish. This is a total of 24 creatures and 24 merpeople as their chaperone. At the end there are two connect the dots activities and one free draw. This is where the artist is encouraged to design their own merperson tail. Color, draw, and enjoy. Let's fill the world with art!

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