Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Muertitas?
Muertitas are my sculptures of nature spirits who guard the memory of those we have lost. I grew up surrounded by family from Hungary and Michoacán. This shared immigrant experience gave Día De (Los) Muertos a very special place in my development, my marriage, and my growing family. The the art of the sugar skull is a powerful visual to help me express joy of life and our struggle with finality. Hungarian Folk Art gives them a melting-pot-twist. These mixed media wall pieces explore my artistic influences and the cycles of nature. Birth, death, and rebirth are all fascinating concepts to me. 

What Is Your Process?
Each piece is different, unique, with its own set of challenges. I make molds, resin casts, work in monster clay, air dry clay; I collect found objects and use paint,  glue, and warp things about. Come visit me on Patreon for behind the scenes looks, and I answer more process questions there.

Are You Taking Commissions?
I am not taking any commissions at present. However, if you would like to get updates of when that opens up, sign up for my mailing list here. I promise the emails are sparse, and I don’t share your information. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Are Any Muertitas Available for Purchase?
If you are looking for ones already finished, check my shop in the Sculptures section. If it is empty,  or the ones you see don't speak to you, get the most recent updates by signing up for my mailing list.

What Inspired These?
I have sculpted before in the past, but my pieces were personal and not created for gallery viewing. Most people were familiar with my paintings and illustrations. In August 2012, San Fernando Valley based artist collective called 11:11 A Creative Collective challenged artists to create a piece from a styrofoam head for a group show called Heads Will Roll. Inspired by the generous nature of the open call, I sculpted one of the characters from an unpublished story. They have caught on, and now people know me more of these sculptures than the rest of my work.

Will we know about this unpublished story?
YES! I have every intention of publishing it! I just need to finish it. Not to sound like a broken record, but this would be where I plug my mailing list for updates on that.

Where can I donate to support you?
I'm honored I've been asked this enough to create a section on my site called Donations. If you like what I create and want to help me get some more copper foil or colored pencils, the Donations page was made just for you. Every little bit adds up. Truly, thank you. It's been a wild ride of kindness and support.

Are you offering art mentorships or internships?
I do not have the time at present to take on any  students. But, I would like to know how you found out about me, so drop me a line on the contact form.
Thank you so much for being here.
Be well, and stay safe.
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