Krisztianna Ortiz
Hello there, my name is Krisztianna. I am a painter, sculptor, and artist. For weekly drawings, behind the scenes videos and posts visit my Patreon., or sign up for my mailing list.

Artist Statement
Terrible beauty inspires me. I see it in nature’s cycles of bloom and decay.  Birth, death, and all the pathways between are fascinating concepts to explore visually.  Standing between being a mother and caretaker to my mother, I use the art of calaveras, geometry and nature to help me explore the feelings that thoughts of life and death evoke. Using imagery from myths and folk art I seek to explore connections, journeys, love, grief, and solace.
My work varies in medium. Paintings are made in graphite, ink, watercolor, and copper foil. Digital pieces start as graphite and watercolor, then through scanning and layering textures I finish them in Illustrator and Photoshop. My sculptures are mixed media including clay, resin, fake and real flowers as well as found materials.

Krisztianna is an artist living in Southern California creating things found in quiet moments within the beautiful chaos of life. Raised by Hungarian refugee parents, she felt isolated from the world within her small cultural circle. She found artistic affinity and family in surrounding immigrant communities within the melting pot that is Los Angeles and vicinity. This multicultural unit of family, friends and experiences informs her art. She graduated from Otis College Of Art and Design in 2004 with a degree in Illustration & Graphic Design. She eventually fell into Entertainment Advertising for over 15 years, where she became an Executive Creative Director leading visual campaigns online and in the social sphere. She recently made the choice to quit her advertising career to focus solely on taking care of her family and creating her art.