Posthumous Art Show For My Mother, Yudit Ecsedy

Posthumous Art Show For My Mother, Yudit Ecsedy

Hello there, and welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I can tell you about the event I am throwing for my mother who passed in 2020, and was never able to have her own art show...until now.

Join us for a momentous occasion as we honor the legacy of Angel Artist Yudit Ecsedy in a special posthumous group art show, 'Spiritual Inspirations.' This exhibition pays tribute to a remarkable soul who adorned wood and paper canvases with divine angels, expressing reverence through her exceptional techniques of woodburning, wood stain, and foil embellishments.

Camarillo Art Center Presents ‘Spiritual Inspirations’
Featuring the Angelic Works of Yudit Ecsedy, Posthumously
January 6, 2024 through January 29, 2024

Link to the facebook invite

Special Event Reception
Sunday, January 28, from 1 to 4 PM

Silent Auction For Charity of Yudit’s Art ends at 3:30 PM.
Art can be taken home after payment.

You are cordially invited to a Special Event and Silent Auction commemorating Angel Artist Yudit Ecsedy. Celebrate her artistry in a posthumous showcase dedicated to her love for angels. The Silent Auction features her artworks exclusively for charity, while all other exhibited art supports individual artists participating in the show.

Yudit Ecsedy, born in 1942 and departed from us in 2020, led an extraordinary life as an incredibly prolific artist. Despite dedicating her early years to raising her children, her artistic brilliance eventually gained recognition within her community and trade shows. However, she never had the opportunity to showcase her work in a gallery.

I have safeguarded Yudit’s treasured final ten art pieces in her garage, yearning for these creations to be cherished rather than gathering dust. With the gracious support of the Camarillo Art Center, it's time to unveil these poignant pieces in a heartfelt art show, honoring the memory of Yudit Ecsedy.

These cherished artworks will be available for purchase during the Special Event and Silent Auction, seeking new homes where they can be admired and appreciated. All proceeds from the labeled art pieces will be directly allocated by check to four pillars of Yudit’s community: the Camarillo Art Center, the compassionate caregivers at Assisted Home Health and Hospice, the comforting community of Camarillo Healing Rooms, and her Hungarian community through the Hungarian Scout Association. Meanwhile, all other exhibited art pieces contribute to supporting the individual artists participating in this showcase.

I hope to see you there!

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