New Canvas And Poster Art Prints All About Women In Muay Thai

New Canvas And Poster Art Prints All About Women In Muay Thai

After years of watching the sport of Muay Thai and recently starting training at a  gym with an exceptionally patient Kru, I'm excited to share my passion for this captivating sport through art.

You may notice my special admiration for women in this sport. 

A special thank you to Nat and B for encouragement in creating this art. Also, thank you to my sparring partners. They let me watch sometimes from the corner as I endeavor to find ways of imbuing my drawing with the feeling of movement, power, and grace.

Right now I have 4 pieces with watercolor and paint effects, digitally created after weeks of sketching.

I also have some "sketch studies" of varies techniques turned to prints.

This is just the beginning, as I still have plans to draw portraits of some of my favorite fighters, just for fun.

If you are curious about my process or want un-watermarked wallpaper downloads of my art you can follow me at my Patreon. If you would like to support in other ways, you can buy a print or check out my donations page. Sharing my work could be one of the kindest forms of support.



Spinning Elbow  •  Head Kick •   Body Kick  •  Flying Knee

Want your favorite move illustrated in this style made for a canvas print?
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